End of October

My oh my I was very bad at keeping the blog these last few months. Thankfully the excuse is solid: mountains of work getting this album of ours ready. As I type dear readers there is one week to go (give or take a few hours)…needless to say after all the rehearsals/flights/recording/transfers/overdubs/mixing/mastering/freakingoutovermoney/artwork/promostress we are very very happy indeed. We’ve been locked up in the windfarm a lot lately learning how the hell to play the last of the new ones on the record…the proof will be in the pudding (the pudding is oct 30th in workmans). There will be lots of mentions of us in papers/magazines the coming fortnight…interested to see how much we repeat ourselves with questions like ‘so why canada?’. Socially inept folk us…but how and ever.

We’re hoping to get some videos made soon for some of the songs (anyone have any nice ideas they’d like to share?…the idea function in our brains is on a sabbatical). We’re plotting a proper full tour for the new year so keep an eye on the site (which is nicely revamped yo may have noticed, good lad tim).

Ok I’m rambling now as I had too many cocktails last night and too much coffee today…A full post next month I swear (if I dont you can chase me with sticks). Til then take care folks and hope you enjoy the album – october 29th in all good irish stores on cd and DELUXE VINYL (comes with mp3s of the record, so even if you dont have a turntable…)

(I have a feeling I write in Parentheses too much).

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