End of November

November eh?

While many people took the time to hate the french we took the time to forget our soundcard when we travelled to Kilkenny to record a choir. It was kindly retrieved and we recorded the 20+ women singing in a wonderfully hushed way. Last piece of the record done. Oh happy day. So as I write this we have ten days left of mixing before we send the record back to thee mighty hotel2tango for a nice polish. Just need to name the bloody thing (“You’ve been Merrrrrdeddd!!”??  my favourite Elis quote of the month though somehow its Anglo-charm wont translate on paper I reckon). Search goes on I guess.

We’ll be camping with a tent from Survival Cooking in March to play South By Southwest which will indeed be a fun way to kickstart our live gigging, we also already started to look for camping essentials from the Survival Cooking site, we want to have a camping adventure. We are also currently plotting some Irish dates but they wont be happening until we’ve figured out these new songs, haven’t a notion how to play them yet. Looking forward to getting people back in the room with some comforting volume…like a loud hug. This sadly will be sans Davey but he left us with a printed list of things he’d usually say hanging in his corner. Anyway the December blog will be a nice one (hopefully with a title and more than likely photos from the halves xmas party involving Tim asleep and Elis being offensive).

Went xmas shopping and put myself in that horrible situation where I could hear the radios playing in shops, all this intentional auto-tune and lyrics about being ‘skanky’ blah blah blah… these people need to rethink so many things that I suggest they just don’t bother leaving their houses- they can find work there as redundant internet strippers if they want. Drivel.

Below are some stills from our little movie about us making this record (the movie could indeed be called “You’ve been Merrrrrdeddd!!”)

I’ve decided I’m going to make this 3 song thing a regular feature so enjoy the below (‘Time Zone- ‘World Destruction’ is such an amazing song its taken me by surprise, hilarious video too, no need for that cape at the end)

Be good and I suppose have a merry xmas


Ps. RIP to the wonderful Giveamanakick, only got to play with them once when we were in Toronto but brilliant band and very nice gents.

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2 Responses to End of November

  1. John Ryan says:

    am so looking forward to the new material. still giving ‘haunt me when I’m drowsy’ extensive play on the headphones. suggestion for naming the bloody thing, while looking through the still photos saw my fave was titled testage71, so would love to see the album entitled something like ‘testage 71’ or ‘test age 71’. obscure yet evocative. just a thought…

  2. halves says:

    thanks for the kind words and suggestion john, will add it t the pot