End of June

What the hell happened to the May Blog?- answer – I took a month off

June was very fun indeed. First we played the show in Airfield which ended up being something very beautiful. We now only play in bay windows in grand rooms that look out over farmlands. It was the sweatiest show of our ‘career’ and The Ambience Affair lads played a great set.

Next up was our show opening for ‘The Middle East’. This was a whole bag of fun (ta fin), the band were oh so lovely to us from the second they arrived. Played to some new visual trickery that Slipdraft cooked up (talented shits that they are). We got up and joined TME for a song of theirs we’d never even heard before- 12 bodies on the stage, ace times. Afterwards had a good few pints with a lovely group of friends and showed them aussies how we roll (and paul drew a moustache on his face and the words ‘baby spice’ on his stomach). Dunno why.

Last up: we were invited to go to Galway to film for an upcoming music show on TG4. After some mild bus confusion we got there and basked at our swanky hotel (they gave us all triple rooms?!). Had a unplanned binge in the roisin dubh which ended with all of us on the beach: elis reenacting the beach level from ‘streets of rage’ and paul (nude) reenacting the opening scene of terminator 2. We learn that the choice of adult films in the rooms consists of ‘field of teens’ (costner spoof?) and ‘mucky mums’. Thankfully we didnt partake. Filmed two songs from the album which you will see later in the year. The make-up lady informs us they have cctv on the beach….ermmm.

All this activity has gotten us hungry for touring which we are currently sorting. Oh yes

but for now you can look forward to this (well we are looking forward to it)


Terminator 2 Theme Song

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