End of February

how fast are these months flying by?

rehearsals are going swimmingly after a seriously rusty few weeks. new songs sound plausable and we’ve added new instruments to the fold. yadayada. i think we’ve now figured out the 4th new rendition of ‘tony hart’s revenge theme’ (methinks the final one). feel weird about that title now he’s gone…sad that. dublin folk should get their bones over to this: http://bit.ly/aNXfF6 as it’ll be fun, enclosed fun at that.

people should join all the groups to petition the closure of bbc’s 6 music, that would be very bad (what will adam & joe do?! I need that podcast for me sanity!)

less than three weeks until we teach the americas how to rock out. we have 4 shows in texas all of which are in highly unusual places (18th floor of a hotel, block party, irish bar and a well known food chain associated which a day of the week).

(i’ll be keeping a diary so expect the next blog to be more entertaining than the last few months).

lads on tour.

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