End of December

Will keep this short {lots to do you seeee}

This is where we would do a roundup of our fantastic year- 2009 is a bulletpoint year-

Found Canada & fell in love with her

Said farewell to David for Canada

Returned to Canada to make a record…

Christmas came and went in a flash,  it was nice to have a tiny band break. The album gets mastered in a couple of days (finalfinalfinal step, rejoice). As for when its out? God only knows {though i do love some peoples optimism “so like February yeah?”). This yet-to-be-titled powerhouse will be out when finances rule in our favour. Rehearsals start back the day after mastering- dust off gear & begin playing with new folks {sans davey}. Speaking of album titles I doubt the guys will let me name it ‘Scaffolding of Sadness”…that would surely be an international winner, no? fine then.

Happy New Year Folks….2010 will hopefully be a good one for us.

{songs: husker du punk greatness, carter burwell did a lovely score for that new cohen brothers film full of harp, dont really like the dirty projectors too much but this song is lovely- she should go solo}”

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